Power Flushing

Power flushing is highly effective cleansing operation which works by pumping water at a much higher velocity than usual through the heating system, too loosen and mobilize harmful corrosion deposits, and to suspend them in the rapidly moving water. The process is made more effective by specialist cleansing chemicals, an instantaneous flow reversal device which creates turbulence in the radiators to optimize ‘pick up’ of the debris. Once loosened, the unwanted debris is purged from the system with clean water. At the end of the flushing process the system contains only clean water and specialist corrosion inhibitor to protect the system.

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Karol has been our plumber for the last two years and we are very satisfied with his work and the way he does it- always with a smile. He was recommended to us and we don’t hesitate to recommend him.
Rosalina and Graham Seaman, London
Excellent quality work. – friendly and professional service. Knowledgable in gas Central heating and provides good advice and solutions to your requirements.
Baggy Panesar, Weybridge